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about us

We organise groups of beautiful, open minded single females, female/female and female/male couples to come together for elite and exclusive sex parties on select Friday nights in five-star luxury penthouses and apartments at famous Bondi Beach and Sydney city, Australia.

Bondi Swingers is dedicated to the fulfillment of hedonistic female sexual pleasure. Where females know what they want, are in control and make the rules. Females can feel free to experiment and realise their deepest sexual desires, including those involving other females. We cater to the rich and famous, fashion models and stylish, well-groomed and educated professionals. All share common attributes, via our strict vetting process: beauty and the 'x factor' that ignites the flame of sexual passion.

It's an oppprtunity for like-minded, consenting adults to explore their sexuality in a daring, relaxed atmosphere of opulence, luxury, safety, privacy and fun. At our parties, males are not allowed to approach females, other than their partners or accompanying friends. We facilitate an atmosphere in which females can feel free to take control, and the initiative. Nothing is sexier.

More females than males attend our parties as we only admit single females and couples. If you're eroticised by the concept of group sex, but new to this, you're welcome to come along just to watch, as voyeurs. 

We are non-judgmental on issues of human sexuality. As per recent, compelling evidence and research, we challenge the standard narrative suggesting humans are predisposed to monogamy.

Hear the experts:

  • Monogamish: The New Rules of Marriage Dr Jessica O'Reilly at TED (video opposite)
  • Are we designed to be sexual omnivores? Dr Christopher Ryan at TED (YouTube)
  • If You want fidelity... Dr Ryan at Festival of Dangerous Ideas (ABC TV Australia)
  • Sex at Dawn - a New York Times best-seller (Wikipedia)
  • Sexual jealousy Dr Ryan (YouTube)
Our approach frees us from unnatural constraints imposed by most (religious-based) societies which seek to control female sexuality and promote closed, non-sharing monogamous relationships and associated risks i.e. the normalisation of potentially dangerous concepts such as sexual jealousy and possessiveness. The widespread acceptance and constant reinforcement, especially via the media, of these concepts as being normal causes massive pain and suffering, as evidenced by marriage disillusionment, rising divorce rates and abuses perpetrated by jealous partners. Our open, honest, sharing, polyamorous approach eliminates risk factors and empowers us to have fulfilling sexual experiences, facilitating social cohesion, peace, joy and happiness.

This aligns with sexually promiscuous bonobo monkey culture, where violence has never been observed. Sex is used to suppress aggression. Female bonobos gang-up to negate unwanted male assertion. We humans share 98.7% of our DNA with bonobo monkeys, our closest animal relatives, along with chimpanzees. They are more closely related to humans than to any other primate.

Interestingly, a 2010 study published in Journal of Marriage and Family found that there was a correlation between female pre-maritial promiscuity and higher rates of divorce. The research found that women with 16 or more sexual partners prior to marriage had an 80% rate of subsequent divorce.